Monday, February 20, 2017

 It’ almost too late!

-Pragyan Acharya

The world around me moves at breakneck speed
While I stand frozen to the spot
Trying to fathom what is happening around me
What is new and what is “hot”
There is a mad rush to be noticed
While traveling at light year velocity
There is no time to pause, no time to smell the roses
Well….roses have been extinct in an eternity.
And so here we are, top predators!
Matching the speed of the cheetah
Echo of the bat.
Mutating  genes
Creating anti-bugs
curing all disease
making habitat for us and ours.
Relentlessly expanding our numbers,
living on landfills made of trash,
the blue-green planet is in hiding.
Beware! Beware! Humans beware!
Pause, halt, to think where you’re going. 
You want to put a chip in your brain, to compute faster!
But you forget the basic circuitry.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Supreme hunters, you’ve hunted too much
Unthinkingly, unfeelingly.
Not because you needed it, but for your gluttony.
You have language, but your ears are shut.
You have vision, but your eyes don't see.
Neither do you understand, notwithstanding
the chips in your brain, your fancy circuitry.
What have we created and what's the solution?
to this human-driven evolution?

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